We Can End Homelessness

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We Can End Homelessness Event

We Need Volunteers on both the April 15th and April 17th (Please reply to e-mail with how many people). Please find site information attached concerning the “Collecting” on 15 April – We’ll be collecting paper to shred on-site and bring stacked. We will have a truck on-site. We will not be responsible of disposing of any additional materials after the workshop on the 17th . Wednesday 15 April 2015 Homeless Mannequin Campaign Clothing and Paper...

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Homeless Mannequin Campaign Clothing and Paper Drive

Sign Up Here Wednesday 15 April 2015 Homeless Mannequin Campaign Clothing and Paper Drive. We need clothing (Shirts, Pants, Socks, T-Shirts…, Shoes, All Types All Sizes and Paper!)   DATE:  Wednesday 15 April TIME(s):  4pm -8pm LOCATION:   Mount Vernon High School 8515 Old Mt Vernon Rd, Alexandria, VA 22309 VOLUNTEERS:  Operate Shredders, Collect and separate clothing and paper, load truck.   Friday 17 April 2015 Homeless Mannequin Campaign Assembly Workshop, “Can You See Me” and...

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Mayors Challenge

Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness set a bold and audacious goal to end Veteran homelessness in the United States before the end of 2015. Over the last three years, the Obama Administration and our partners in states and communities across the country have achieved a 24 percent decrease in homelessness among Veterans, during a time when our country was facing the worst recession since the Great Depression. Several communities, such...

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Can You See Me?

Can you see me? This is the message we are sending to the public about our homeless individuals, families and youth on our streets. We are gearing up to launch the Homeless Mannequin Project to help spread awareness.