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Do you know me?

For richer, for poorer. In sickness, and in health.” Those words seemed so very easy when the vows were said. Sadly, they were harder for her to uphold. It’s not her fault. She didn’t agree to the PTSD-induced rages. She couldn’t have known the consequences of my fractured mind prior to my deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. I sure didn’t. What I know is that when I came back, I was not the man she married. Discharged, unemployed, and suffering from severe depression, I lost my wife, my job, my family, my support system, and my home. I went from being cheered and saluted in parades, to being avoided and ignored on the city street. I went from proud, decorated soldier to homeless veteran. From “the Few, the Proud” to just another faceless statistic. Shame has replaced pride, and desperation obscures hope.hmc12

Can you see me? I am one of the many faces of Fairfax County’s homeless community. Please help the homeless be seen. This link will bring you to a page to find out what you can do to help the homeless in Fairfax County.

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  1. Eugenia V. Colon, CFRE says:

    I am a fundraising and Development consultant to nonprofits based in Vienna, Virginia. I would like to discuss if and how I can bring my more than 25 years experience to advancing your “We Can End Homelessness” campaigns as well as to the work of other outstanding Fairfax County nonprofits. I look forward to your response.

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