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Do you know me?

I have a Ph.D., ran my own practice and owned a beautiful home in Fairfax County. Five years ago, I experienced a manic episode and was sued for malpractice. I wasn’t aware that I suffered from a mental illness. After the lawsuit, I lost my practice and my home. Now I live in my car on the streets where I used to own a house. I have no medical insurance, no family to assist and my health condition is worsening. I am in and out of the hospital and am thankful for those stays because I am afforded shelter, food and medicine. Once I recover, I am back on the street with more debt that I cannot pay.hmc7

Can you see me? I am one of the many faces of Fairfax County’s homeless community. Please help the homeless be seen. This link will bring you to a page to find out what you can do to help the homeless in Fairfax County.

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