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Do you know me?

My stepfather lost his job when I was a teenager. After months of being unable to find a job, he began to take his frustrations out on me. After my third hospital visit, I ran away from a house that was no longer safe. Unfortunately, I had nowhere to go and ended up living with a friend that I met at a party, but still had no job or way to support myself. Pretty soon, she introduced me to her boyfriend, who told me that I could make a lot of money if I came to stay with him. Before I knew what was happening, he was inviting people over to spend the night with me in exchange for money that he kept. I’m scared to leave – he says he will kill me if I try. Besides – I still have nowhere to go.

Can you see me? I am one of the many faces of Fairfax County’s homeless community. Please help the homeless be seen. This link will bring you to a page to find out what you can do to help the homeless in Fairfax County.

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